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My name is Simeon Kakpovi. I am a proud Beninese-American and tech-enthusiast. I hold a B.B.A in Information systems from the illustrious Howard University, and an MPhil in Technology Policy from the University of Cambridge.

I am passionate about using technology to create positive change. Currently, I am growing my career in the (fun and challenging) cyber security field. However, I also interested in all things policy-related in tech. My side hustle is building websites and creating emersive digital experiences.

Dearest to my heart is getting more black students to learn how to code.

Feel free to peruse my blog, follow me on twitter, and contact me if anything strikes your interest.

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Howard University School of Business

A redesign of the website for Howard University's School of Business. This projects uses a lot of javascript and jquery.

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Cyber Pathways Across Maryland

CPAM is an alliance of community colleges in Maryland that work to address the challenges of a lack of adequate pool of skilled cyber workers, and the shortage of laboratory facilities to support cyber training.

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Alliance for Haiti's Kids

This Non-profit partners with rural communities in Haiti to create networks of quality schools. Alliance for Haiti’s Children considers education to be the promise for Haiti’s future.

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Cannect Enterprises

Cannect is a small consulting firm that focuses on bringing value to small businesses through partnerships and alliances.

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Slimspace is a room reservation platform that debuted at the AngelHack/Capital One hackthon in 2015. Check it out!

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Vision Zero

A visualization of car crash data in the district of Columbia. This is a project I worked on at a D.C. meet-up.

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A tool that allows college students to buy and sell textbooks on campus. This was my first Ruby on Rails project built freshmen year.

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A rails application built during the 2016 Howard University Hackathon. Creates a sharing economy for storage space.

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Montgomery College - ITI

A mockup redesign for the Information Technology Institute at Montgomery College. This was built in HTML and Backbone JS.

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Simeon Kakpovi - 2017-05-03

Cross Site Scripting (XSS)

Simeon Kakpovi - 2017-05-03

Using the Twitter API to retweet content

Simeon Kakpovi - 2017-05-06


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